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  • Our “Screens” provide effective platforms to target advertising directly in front of tourists – Your Exact Target Market!

  • We Provide tourists a “FUN” high tech amenity with eye appealing Ads highlighting activities that tourists will surely notice.

  • Our large 55″ Screens provide a diverse full range of fun attractions tourists can’t miss.

  • Showcasing and displaying the most desirable attractions, products and discounts that will attract the most interest from guests, visitors, tourists, and locals alike.

  • Our Digital Display Network of 60 Display screens deployed up and down South Florida Beaches will inspire tourists to be more active.

  • Instead of taking a simple walk on the beach, they will be inspired to either rent a bike, book a site seeing tour, take an air-boat ride in the Everglades, or visit a museum instead.

  • Our comprehensive “Attractions” display listings and website access to those listings showcase the most fun and exciting activities.

  • Each beautifully designed 15 second Ad gets replayed on screen approximately every 15 minutes – all day every day!

  • Screens feature an interactive “QR Code” and Texting Service access that connects a cell phone with a specific attraction company’s website for quick access to detailed information, reviews, promotions, discounts, specials, directions, and more…

  •  A single screen Ad cost as low as just $15 per month or just $180 per year

  • Assume the average tourist “Attraction” sale is just $60

  • Ads are displayed approximately every 15 minutes in the heart of South Florida tourism

  • Each Screen Ad is displayed 4 times per hour or 60 times per day based on a 15 hr work day

  • If just 25 people view your Ad each day, in 12 months it will receive over 9,000 views

  • All you need in an entire year of constant advertising is just three (3) individual sales at $60 each to recoup your entire annual “ROI” cost of $180

  • How many of the 9,000 tourists who viewed your Ad can you convert into paying customers? MORE THAN THREE!

  • Just three sales PER YEAR will recoup your entire yearly advertising cost.

  • That makes this the most effective tourism advertising available – ANYWHERE!

  • Now imagine advertising on all 60 of our 55″ advertising display screens deployed all up and down South Florida’s Beaches!

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