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Together with Hotels, Resorts, Beach Establishments and the Local Community we provide an effective platform for local tourism related businesses to share  advertising space at each others high traffic beach locations – utilizing our unique digital display network and screen sharing technology.

Our screen sharing network highlights the most desirable vacation activities and inspires tourists to do more – and spend more!

High traffic tourist and beach “Hot Spots” who become “Hosts” participate FREE and receive FREE advertising.

The most *Effective *Targeted *Lowest Cost advertising for tourism – anywhere!

60 digital display screens deployed all up and down South Florida beaches in select hotels and “Hot Spot” tourist related establishments.

55″ digital display screens advertising a wide variety of vacation “FUN” activities, inspiring tourists to do more and have more fun, resulting in a more exciting vacation experience, while effectively boosting the local economy.

Our display screens provide tourists, visitors and guests a fun, high tech interactive amenity that compliments the old fashioned brochure stand.

  • Host locations receive a FREE 55″ digital display screen professionally installed.

  • Our displays feature 15 second single screen advertising spots. Each Ad re-appears approximately every 15 minutes, all day everyday for as little as $15 per screen Ad location – monthly.

  • That is 40% off of our regular monthly rate of $25 per screen Ad location.

  • Main Host Hotel locations receive 12 FREE display screen Ads. (3 Ad Spots appearing on 4 separate screen locations)

  • Secondary Host locations receive 4 FREE display screen Ads. (1 Ad Spot appearing on 4 separate screen locations)

  • Each “Zone” consists of four participating “Host” locations. A Beach Hotel is designated as the “Main Host” for each “Zone”.

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